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Absolute Aroma 250g

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A very aromatic blend of fine Arabica with light, pleasant, natural, fruity taste notes. For those who love the intensive coffee aroma. Well-suited to be your second cup of coffee of the day.
Flavour profile
Intensity 3
Acidity 4
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Growing area
100 % Arabica from Colombia, Costa Rica and Kenya
Degree of roast
Blend composition
40% Colombia Supremo
30% Costa Rica SHB
30% Kenya AA
Recommended brewing method
Absolute Aroma

Absolute Aroma

is light and refreshing. It’s somewhat wild and, first and foremost, a very aromatic coffee.

An impressive bouquet of fruity flavours comes through thanks to its distinctive acidity. A pleasant, sweet aroma brings to mind citrus fruits and blueberries. It’s an incredibly sensual blend that goes down well as your second cup of the day, allowing you to unwind and improving your mood. It goes well with sweets, desserts and cakes. If you enjoy drinking your coffee mostly in the afternoon, Absolute Aroma is the coffee for you.


Absolute Aroma is a coffee blend composed only of Arabica varieties such as Colombia Supremo, Kenya AA and Costa Rica SHB. Both wet processing and fast roasting bring out and emphasise the most characteristic taste and aroma notes of these coffees. These include liveliness, freshness and an intense, fruity aroma that deliver a strong, refreshing taste experience. At first contact with the palate, you’ll detect a distinctive light, fruity-citrus taste of Absolute Aroma. This is followed by the delicate notes of young red wine. The entire experience is accompanied by a natural acid taste reminiscent of blueberries. The coffee leaves behind a pleasant, sweet aftertaste.


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