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Blend bean coffee tasting set 4x100g

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A set of four unique coffee blends created by the baristas and roasters from the MK Cafe Fresh Manufactory. Each of these meticulously composed coffees is prepared only from high quality Arabica and is dedicated to coffee lovers with different tastes, habits, and needs.

The set includes bean coffee:

  • - Supreme Strength 100g
  • - Subtle Harmony 100g
  • - Complete Taste 100g
  • - Absolute Aroma 100g
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Complete taste


Supreme strength


Subtle harmony


Absolute aroma


Blend bean coffee tasting set 4x100g

Blend bean coffee tasting set 4x100g

The art of Composing Coffee

Blends are a composition of two or more coffee bean varieties in special proportions. Creation of coffee blends is a noble craft, practiced only by the best and most experienced baristas and roasters. Composing a blend which harmoniously combines a few best features of coffees differing in taste, aroma, intensity, or balance, is a challenge and a real art!

It is most often aspired to, from a combination of different beans, attain one coffee which will have a more noble flavour or aroma, which will be more balanced, or which will have a fuller body than the coffee which is included in the blend.

Blend bean coffee tasting set 4x100g

Contrary to what one might expect, it is most difficult to create an ideal blend of high quality Arabica coffees, just as it is difficult to create beautiful and admirable objects from only precious metals. Such combinations are extremely demanding and decided on only by the best specialists and the most experienced manufactories and roasters with access to perfect quality coffees, such as MK Cafe Fresh. This is how real coffee masterpieces are created.

Blend bean coffee tasting set 4x100g

Ideal Coffee

Using the highest quality coffees, MK Cafe Fresh baristas have worked over many months to create four “canonical” blends, which consider the basic preferences of people who drink coffee on a daily basis and which meet their different lifestyles. Despite their perfect balance, each blend contains one dominant feature which is decisive of its uniqueness and purpose. The blends are thereby suited to differing palates, characters, tastes, and even coffee drinking habits. To find the ideal coffee all you have to do is learn your “coffee personality”:

Blend bean coffee tasting set 4x100g

Absolute Aroma: extremely sensual and charming, with a light fruity aroma, created for people who enjoy an intense coffee aroma. Ideal for a sensual and aromatic afternoon.

Complete Taste: exceptionally sophisticated and sublime, of an intensive, complex bouquet, dedicated to people who are in search of a rich flavour. Ideal to share in a larger group, e.g. with friends.

Subtle Harmony: sensually subtle and balanced, delightful with its honey-nut character, composed for those who are in search of harmony. Ideal for moments of relaxation and rest. Perfect as a subsequent coffee during the day.

Supreme Strength: crisp, with a strong character and sharp aroma of bitter chocolate, cocoa and well baked bread crust, created for people who are searching for a daily dose of energy. Perfect at work.


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