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Brazil Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Rainha 250g beans


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Many experts consider it to be the best Brazilian coffee. It is valued for its captivating delicacy, very low acidity, and natural sweetness. Its aroma brings to mind the fragrance of jasmine, orange, and blooming coffea. Brazil Yellow Bourbon is a rare species, desired by coffee amateurs around the world.
Intensity 2,5
Acidity 0,5
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Growing area
Minas Gerais
Growing altitude
1100 - 1500 m a.s.l.
Processing method
Pulped natural
Degree of roast
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Brazil Yellow Bourbon

Yellow Bourbon is the essence of what is best in Brazilian coffee. It is captivatingly delicate, almost completely lacking acidity, and has a pleasant sweetness which lingers on the palate due to its creamy body. Its aroma draws to mind jasmine, orange blossom, and the fragrance of blooming coffea. Appropriately roasted beans can additionally enrich the brew with notes of cherry, nuts, even cardamon. According to experts, this is the best Brazilian variety, desired around the coffee world.


Bourbon is a variety of Arabica which originated in the times of colonial conquests, specifically around the year 1708, when the French attempted to cultivate coffee on the island of Bourbon in the Indian Ocean (currently known as Reunion). Hence the name. However, the variety underwent a natural mutation, as a result of which its fruit gained an exceptional yellow colour (in comparison to the “classic” red colour of coffea fruit), which found its reflection in its name (yellow). But this is not the only distinctive feature of this coffee.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon

Bourbon usually provides a 20-30% greater crop than the Typica variety (the oldest variety of Arabica), but its fruit is smaller and more compact. Due to the climatic and topographic requirements cultivation of this coffee is much more difficult – the trees only grow in mountainous areas, in Brazil mainly in the typically mountainous region of the state of Minas Gerais. Difficult access to the plantation and the significant steepness of the terrain result in almost all the work required for the cultivation is done by hand.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon

Also exceptional is the method in which it is processed – i.e. pulped natural. The skinned coffee “cherries” dry in the sun, due to which the a great amount of the fruit sweetness from within the pulp and the natural fruit aromas are absorbed by the beans. This sweetness and the fruit flavour can later be found in our cup.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon

Coffee from one plantation

Brazil Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Rainha is a coffee which originates from only one plantation (Portuguese fazed – plantation, farm), which has remained in the Carvalo Dias family since 1890. The plantation is located on the state border of Minas Gerais, at an altitude of between 1100 and 1500 m a.s.l., which is significant considering the natural conditions in Brazil. Due to such a location the microclimate of the region is stable, predictable, but also more raw and mountainous. It is the perfect climate for cultivating Yellow Bourbon..

Brazil Yellow Bourbon

Fazenda Rainha is renowned for the production of the this exceptional and desirable variety of “yellow” coffee, which appears only in small amounts on the market, and its sales are limited. The plantation also boasts special technology for processing and storing the coffee.

An example is the manner in which it is packaged, using the Grain PRO system, which causes that the beans remain intensely fresh and green – for much longer than in the case of usual packaging. This is due to the special double sacks, which embrace a coffee “friendly” environment which slows the natural ageing processes of coffee beans. This is why Yellow Bourbon coffee reaches the roasting plant with a complete wealth of flavours and aromas.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon

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