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Complete Taste 250g

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PLN79.96 / kg

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Complete Taste is a coffee with an incredibly rich and multilayered bouquet. 
This perfectly composed, distinctive blend is designed for those who like to discover new tastes and appreciate intense sensations.
Flavour profile
Intensity 4
Acidity 3,5
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Growing area
100 % Arabica from Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and India
Degree of roast
Blend composition
20% Costa Rica SHB,
20% Colombia Supremo,
20% Kenya AA,
20% Brazil Mogiana,
20% India Plantation
Recommended brewing method
Complete Taste

Complete Taste

is a blend composed with unique artistry and its taste profile can be compared to that of an exceptional piece of music.

It has a refined, multilayered taste bouquet, an elegant aroma and full body that leaves a deep, sweet aftertaste. It is ideal for those who expect complex sensations as well as those who are sensitive to both intense and subtle flavours and appreciate every nuance, making each sip of this brew an exceptional experience. Perfect for an afternoon get together with friends or at the end of a meal.


This blend owes its abundance of flavours and aromas to five different ingredients. It is based on two rather mild and well-balanced coffees – Brazil Mogiana and India Plantation – that give the composition its balance. Binding the composition together are Colombia Supremo and Costa Rica SHB – coffees with distinctive, full body and a rich range of flavours, starting with nut, caramel and chocolate and finishing with citrus fruits and peaches. The structure culminates with Kenya AA, which highlights the blend with its light, yet sophisticated character.

The palate detects this coffee’s “fullness”, its distinctive consistency and pleasant sweetness. Savour a complex, multilayered combination of different taste notes that stay long after you reach the bottom of your cup.


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