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Supreme Strength 250g

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A composition of distinct bean varieties for those who consider coffee an invaluable part of maintaining mental activity. Strong roasting deprives coffee of its acidity and lends it intriguing bitterness and strength, getting you on your feet effectively and providing the energy you need to work.
Flavour profile
Intensity 4,5
Acidity 2
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Growing area
100 % Arabica from Brazil, India, Colombia
Degree of roast
Blend composition
50% Brazil Mogiana/ 30% India Plantation/ 20% Colombia Supremo
Recommended brewing method
Supreme Strength

Supreme Strength

Dark grains hide this coffee’s characteristically expressive and elegant aromas of dark chocolate, cocoa, vanilla and well-toasted bread crust

Slow roasting removes acidity and results in pronounced bitterness, full-bodied flavour and the strength you expect every morning to get you up and moving and provide the energy you need to work. This composition of strong, expressive coffees is designed for those who treat this drink as an invaluable element of their productivity and mental creativity.


Supreme Strength is a coffee with the character of a strong Italian espresso. It is made from three types of Arabica. Velvety Brazil Mogiana and distinctive India Plantation provide coffee with “full body”, the necessary strength and savoury, slightly sharp flavour notes. The third ingredient – Colombia Supremo – adds a hint of sophistication to the mixture and underlines its pleasant tastes. However, the secret of Supreme Strength lies not only in its beans. Slow roasting is important because it brings out the bouquet hidden deep within the beans. Extended roasting transforms the first light and fresh aromas into something entirely new – flavours characterised by a strength and potency that does not exist among lightly roasted coffees. The first sip offers a distinctive flavour that can be compared with the aroma of well-toasted bread crusts. The tastes of dark chocolate and intense cocoa follow. This aftertaste is distinctive, pleasant and stays long in the mouth, so you want to reach for another cup.


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